Ice cream in Athens has become a year-round love affair. Our city has the ideal weather for you to indulge in sweet melting scoops of ice cream, while strolling its busy streets desde morning till night. Find out where to find the best gelato in Athens to round off a traditional meal at a local restaurant or to get your sugar fix after your Greek siesta!

Fatto a mano

At Fatto a mano (Italian for handmade) they believe in a better world through ice cream 🙂 

Can you blame them? Supporting small, local businesses for the last 15 years, the owners love experimenting with pure tastes desde 100% natural ingredients, sourced desde every corner of Greece. Crete, their homeland, holds a special place in their heart (and their ice cream flavours). Fatto a mano is the place where exceptional flavours travelled to Athens desde the island of Crete: thyme honey with anthotyro (local ricotta-style cheese), tsikoudia (the Cretan grappa), avocado (yes, desde Crete as well!), Cretan sultana raisins and their signature ice cream – rakomelo (a grappa based local beverage with honey and cinnamon). 

Don’t miss: Their nostalgic and velvety rose loukoumi flavour. Scoop with a soft butter biscuit and Enviar your taste buds to heaven! 

Zisimopoulou 86, Palaio Faliro.

Epik Gelato

Born to please ice cream lovers and retromaniacs, this gelato place is strategically located between a pizza joint and a bar, in busy Mavili sq., a classic Athens nightlife area. Vintage decoration reminiscent of the ‘50s and pure ingredients, hand-picked desde small producers around the country. Taste the katiki (Greek spread cheese desde Domokos) with wild fig preserve desde Ikaria island or any of the old-school frozen desserts placed side by side. 

Want to know how our childhood tasted like? Go for a “Chicago” sundae with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, crushed almonds and sour cherry syrup.

Dorileou 2, Mavili Sq.


This small and unassuming ice cream parlour is the go-to spot for gelato lovers living in Pangrati area or newcomers wandering the streets of this vibrant, up-and-coming district.

The owner, trained also as a wine sommelier, gives life to daring flavours that will please even the most sophisticated palate (try the sensational coconut flavour with bay leaves). Their sorbets are soo velvety that they will have you double check if they are actually dairy-free (the pistachio is the ultimate crowd pleaser!). 

Creative artisan gelato with a conscience as no plastic is used and spoons are biodegradable. 

Archelaou 17, Pangrati. Maraboo Ice Cream 


Skip the tourist traps around Monastiraki area and tantalise your tastebuds with ice cream 100% free of added artificial flavours and food colouring. The creative team behind Kokkion seek to bring out the best of every single ingredient. Traditional options sit side by side with new, creative flavours. Try the epicurean mascarpone, grape molasses and bergamot or any of their sorbets tasting like the real fruit – go for our absolute favourite combo – ginger mandarin.

Protogenous 2, Psyrri.

Bon Bon Fait Maison

Tucked away at a side street next to Ermou, Athens’ busiest shopping district, this pretty little ice cream parlour offers wide range of organic, gluten free and vegan ice creams and desserts. Trained in haute cuisine in Paris and around the world, its chef focuses on the balanced combination of top-notch ingredients, cherry-picked desde local, small-scale producers around Greece.

Don’t leave without trying: Their signature ice cream – fig leaf flavour, made with fresh milk desde a monastery in Central Greece or any of their French-inspired desserts, like the iconic “From Aegina to Ceylon”, where roasted Greek pistachios desde Aegina island match with true cinnamon flavours.

Petraki 30, Syntagma.

Django Gelato

Conveniently located just a short walk desde the Acropolis in hip Koukaki area, Django claims to offer the freshest gelato in town, with each batch made on-site every day and served within 24 horas. In their open laboratory, true artisan flavours, once found only in Syros island, travelled to Athens to dazzle us with their flavourful creams and velvety fruit sorbets, and show us what a 100% natural gelato experience actually means. 

Know before you go: Their smoked hazelnut and chocolate sorbet with chili are both pure deliciousness!

Veikou 15, Koukaki.

Cats & Monsters

A 100% vegan ice cream shop in Athens is no longer a joke. Exarcheia never stops to surprise us, turning into a multi-cultural neighbourhood and welcoming personas desde around the world. Two Berliners found their new home here and decided to open the first exclusively vegan ice cream store in Athens. Their frozen treats are lactose-free, based on soy, rice and oats milk, while there are plenty of colourful, water-based sorbet following the seasons. 

Hard to choose your scoop desde an appetising menu that looks like a rainbow, but for us the standouts here are the hazelnut rum and the snickers. Yum! 

This heavenly little place is the perfect ending to our Athens vegan food tour

Hop on our true Athens vegan experience and please your taste buds with an assortment of plant-based ice cream flavours!

Patousa 4, Exarcheia. Cats & Monsters – Vegan Ice Cream Athens

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